How to Use Zuka

Incorporating Zuka into your salon or barbershop couldn’t be easier.

Instructions 1.png

Drape the cape, Don't Choke

With Zuka the cape doesn't need to be pulled tight around the client's neck. Zuka creates a pressureless seal which means the cape can be worn comfortably loose. Clients have told us that a loose cape with Zuka is more comfortable and provides a cleaner cutting experience. Comfortable clients come back! Be sure to follow your local laws and regulations regarding sanitary neck strip usage.

With an end in each hand place "ZUKA" front and center

The Zuka should lay on the chest and the shoulders. It is not meant to be wrapped around the neck like a scarf. Proper placement of the Zuka will ensure a watertight seal and that no itchy hair falls down the neckline.

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1/4 inch of neck contact is all that is needed

Only the inner edge of the Zuka needs to contact the neck to create a good seal. The inner edge is tapered thin to ensure flexibility and comfort. The overlapping edges will adhere to each other to hold the Zuka in place without fasteners.

adjust for comfort and access to neck hair

Make sure the Zuka is sitting low enough to allow trimming of neck hair. A collar loose enough to have gaps can leak but the collar should be no tighter than necessary. With practice, adjustments are rarely needed.

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Do your magic while Zuka does its own

Bask in the glory of a future satisfied customer

Remove extra hair clippings

Zuka works like magic, but it can’t stop mounds of hair from falling down the neckline as it’s removed. To avoid this, simply blow or towel off extra hair clippings from the client's head and neck.

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Remove from Back to Front

With an end in each hand peel the Zuka in a back to front motion so that excess hair rolls forward onto the cape. Stand back and admire the happy customer you have just created.

Rinse and Soak in DISINFECTING solution

Rinse off excess hair from collar under running water. A little hand soap makes stubborn hairs slide right off. Then soak in an approved disinfecting solution, such as Barbicide, according to the manufacturer's instruction. Be sure to follow local rules and regulations pertaining to your industry.



Pat dry with clean towel and place in clean container

After the Zuka has soaked in the disinfectant per the manufacturer's instruction, remove the Zuka and pat it dry with a clean towel. Once dry, place the Zuka in a clean container for future use. It’s important to use a fresh clean Zuka for each client to ensure the best experience and proper sanitation.