I had a client who brought an extra dress shirt to every trim to avoid itching until we started using Zuka.
Elizabeth, Los Angeles CA

One of my clients asked how to buy one as a gift for his brother.
Mark, Los Angeles CA

I used to only get haircuts when I had enough time to go home and shower after. Zuka makes getting a haircut way easier.
Isaac, Wichita KS

Before my barber started using Zukas I always dreaded being itchy after my haircut. I used to ask for extra brushing off and to have the cape extra tight, but now it just isnt a problem.
Nathaniel, Reno NV

The only thing I dont understand is why these didnt exist years ago.
Kelly, Los Angeles CA

Since we started using Zuka we have customers come in and ask for them before they sit down. I think it has definitely increased the number of regular customers who keep coming back.
Kenneth, Las Vegas NV


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