At Zuka, we celebrate innovation and creativity in the hair industry. In fact, we were inspired to develop our own revolutionary silicone cutting collar because we saw the need for a simple, affordable solution to a common salon issue — namely, itching from hair clippings, as well as water and color seeping under a poorly sealed cape and making a mess all over the client. We wanted to help stylists practice their art, make people happy and build a successful business.

If you’re a passionate stylist who’s considering going into business for yourself, we applaud your initiative! Opening a salon in your home is a big investment, requiring a lot of planning and legwork, but the way we see it, the rewards can be amazing.

We’ve outlined a few benefits of an at-home hair salon in this infographic:

Now that you’re convinced this is the right outlet for your talents, here are a few tips for starting your own salon in your home.


Any new business needs to register with the local municipality and secure the proper permits as a first step. Your home is most likely not zoned for commercial use, and you’ll have to make sure you iron out all the legalities. It’s also a good idea to obtain business insurance and to talk to an accounting professional about your tax situation. 


What services will you offer? Will you focus on children, women, men, or all of the above? Will you sell product? How much will you charge for various services? It might be best to keep it simple at the start, but eventually expand your offerings to appeal to a larger customer base. 


Here’s the fun part: turning that spare room that’s just been collecting clutter into the cozy little salon of your dreams. This might require a few minor adjustments, such as hanging mirrors and arranging furniture, or a bigger renovation project complete with installing a sink, ripping up carpet and laying new flooring and even adding a customer entrance/exit. It’s all up to you!


You’ll need equipment, but you might not be starting out with a huge budget. For the bigger items, such as your chair(s) or drying hoods, search reputable sites online for someone who’s selling used models. As for smaller essentials, you most likely already own the basics — professional shears, clippers, razors, quality blow dryer, straightening iron, maybe even coloring supplies — but you’ll need to invest in towels, capes, sanitary neck strips and all the little details that make a client’s experience enjoyable.

Of course, you’ll want to protect your clients’ clothing and skin from water and color seepage, as well as those annoying, itchy hair clippings that slip under the cape. Your new salon absolutely will need a set of Zuka silicone cape seals to keep all your clients coming back, and telling all their friends! 


Speaking of word of mouth, marketing your at-home salon and attracting new customers without a storefront in the business district might be your biggest challenge. 

You’re going to be busy running the business, but it’s incredibly important to be proactive when it comes to promoting your services. Set up social media accounts specifically for your business and actively maintain those pages, being sure to respond to comments or inbox messages as quickly as possible. Take out ads in local coupon mailers. Tack up your business card — did we mention you should probably design business cards or flyers? — on public notice boards in the community. Attend community festivals and fairs. It’s going to take time and effort, but the success of your salon could depend on effective grassroots marketing.

As you already know, providing your existing clients with beautiful haircuts and an exceptional client experience is a great way to drum up more business!

For more great hair industry tips, tricks and other fun stuff, stay tuned to our blog. Visit our convenient online shop to order a set of Zuka cape seals for your new at-home salon. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the true creativity and innovation of our salon cutting collar in action. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance!