The Original Zuka Bundle

The Original Zuka Bundle

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Bundle Includes:

  • 2x Professional Cutting Cape without Neck Seal - $19.99 each

  • Original Zuka Cape Seal - Small Set of 2 -$49.99

  • SC1 Professional Scissor Cutting Comb - $9.99

  • RT1 Professional Rat Tail Comb - $9.99

  • CC1 Professional Clipper Comb - $9.99

  • CC2 Professional Clipper Comb - $9.99

Professional Cutting Cape Without Cape Seal

Premium conventional cutting cape with modern design and unique features


  • Innovative button snap design that offers 28 unique sizes for the perfect comfortable fit

  • Stain resistant and lightweight material prevents accidents and messes 

  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and durability

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Dimensions: 70.8" x 55.1"


Original Zuka Cape Seal- Small Set of 2

Made in the USA

The Zuka Cape Seal is a hair, product, and water blocking collar for the hair industry. It keeps your clients clean no matter what your creative process involves. When new clients leave feeling as good as they look they become regulars.

This sample set is a great way to get your feet wet trying out the Zuka Cape Seal. Most stylists and barbers tell us that they prefer to have as many Zuka Cape Seals as they have clients in a day. This way they can always have a fresh clean Zuka Cape Seal ready to use without cleaning between clients.

  • Your clients leave happy and itch-free: The Zuka Cape Seal creates a comfortable seal around the client's neckline, preventing irritation.
  • Your clients stay dry and their collars remain stain-free: The Zuka blocks water, product, and hair dye form seeping down the neckline, preventing wet or stained shirt collars.
  • Your clients stay comfortable and clean: Since the cape no longer has to be tight to create a seal, it can be fastened loosely for the client's comfort. 
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: We are so confident you will love your Zukas we offer a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Upgrade your client experience today!



    SC1 - Scissor Cutting Comb

    • Premium seamless cutting comb
    • Firm, yet flexible
    • Precision sectioning tooth
    • Extra long design
    • Smooths cuticles on wet & dry hair
    • Naturally anti-static
    • Heat adaptive
    • Disinfectant friendly


    Comb dimensions - 8.5" x 1.2"


    RT1 - Rat Tail Comb

    • Teeth great for back combing
    • Tail for weaving, slicing, & foiling
    • Precision parting tooth & tail
    • Designed for professionals
    • Ergonomic finger rest
    • Naturally anti-static
    • Heat adaptive
    • Disinfectant friendly


    Comb dimensions - 9.5" x 1"


    CC1 - Clipper Comb

    • Amazing for clipper over comb
    • Wide design covers more surface
    • Great for square shapes
    • Superior grip
    • Naturally anti-static
    • Heat adaptive
    • Disinfectant friendly


    Comb dimensions - 8.75" x 2"


    CC2 - Clipper Comb

    • Ergonomic non-slip design
    • Master of clipper over comb
    • Ideal for scissors over comb
    • Super flexible
    • Perfect for styling
    • Naturally anti-static
    • Heat adaptive
    • Disinfectant friendly


    Comb dimensions - 8" x 1.3"

    NOT cheap injection molded plastic

    All Zuka Scissors are handmade from sustainably sourced Organic Ebonite. Each comb requires over 40 steps to manufacture including high pressure molding, tooth cutting, and hand polishing. The diamond wheel cut teeth are seamless, which reduces hair pulling and damage. This process produces combs perfect for all hair types, especially hair with sensitive cuticles and chemically treated hair. The Ebonite material also naturally softens with heat to promote healthier shinier hair.


    Why Choose Our Combs?

    Almost all other combs on the market today are plastic injection molded. These combs have taken over because they are incredibly cheap. Injection molded combs cost pennies to produce and sell for $5-$20 a piece. This is problematic as injection molded combs suffer from flashing. Flashing is the result of extra plastic seeping between the two halves of the mold into places it should not be. This flaw can be seen between every tooth in the comb, which leads to painful pulling and harmful abrasion on hair. 

    Our Organic Ebonite combs are not injection molded. They are partially molded under extreme pressure and heat, then cut with diamond wheels, and polished by hand. This eliminates flashing and produces a comb that glides through hair without any pain or damage. Although there is not as much profit in this style of manufacturing it produces a truly superior comb for professional stylists and barbers who depend on their tools.

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